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The possibilities are limitless to design pictures interactively and according to your ideas.

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ImageMarker now makes it easier to implement your ideas even faster. Enjoy an extended work surface with a collapsible menu bar to work more practically, faster and more pleasantly.

Unlimited web space for images, projects and multimedia content. You can save your images on ImageMarker or use your own web space and retain full control over the image content.

Edit your image projects in live mode (preview mode). This allows you to test your interactive image directly, make minor corrections and edit it more specifically.

Create as much image content as you want. And if you want to place a lot of content in your image, you can display it to your website visitors in full screen.

Determine the position of your image description. Completely adapt the design and style of your website. Choose colors, content, styles and effects and make your image an interactive experience.

Use texts, videos, music, links or smaller thumbnails to optimally describe your picture. Enhance & edit your images for impressive interactive results.

Use interactive images on your website to extend the length of stay of your website visitors. The image code is generated automatically and can be easily and easily inserted anywhere on your website.

Import already created images and projects directly into the ImageMarker image editor. Duplicate projects or continue working on older image projects.

Choose from over 600 icons the right one for your project or simply use your own icons and symbols. Make icons pulsate or glow in your pictures and adjust the color, opacity and effects of your project.

ImageMarker is the only online image editor that allows you to draw your own shapes. Use pins, symbols, rectangles, ellipses or the polygon to optimally describe the content on your interactive images.

Activate the search box in your interactive picture to let website visitors quickly and easily display the appropriate result.

A comfortable user interface with which you can easily drag and drop your image content anywhere in your image and place it.

Experiment with as many effects and animations as you want. Create fade-ins, transitions, zoom effects, frames, shadows, positions and much more for impressive interactive results.

A large selection of effects supports you in creating outstanding image content. Create your own transitions, effects, animations, colors and contours.

Design individual buttons with a link to your website, your online shop, to products or directly to the shopping cart. Create interactive product images.

Use films from YouTube or your own web space and simply insert them into your pictures using drag-and-drop in order to describe them perfectly.

Enlarging or reducing areas on your picture so that you can work on it better and more efficiently. Create your own zoom function for your website visitors.

Design your own tooltips according to your ideas. Determine the position, size, width, color, transparency and the corner radius of your image description.

Create different image layers to optimally and clearly describe building plans, shopping centers or other plans for your website visitors.

Write and position texts directly on your picture and adjust them in size, color and opacity according to your ideas.

Manage images or content on your own web space. Use your own CSS and Javascript files and adapt the interactive images individually.

ImageMarker offers full support for mobile optimized websites on all smartphones and tablet PCs. Your interactive images will look great on any device.

Implement the most unusual ideas. No matter where you are. Load, save and edit your image projects worldwide. All you need is internet access.

“The possibilities offered by the image editor are outstanding. Even if it seems too much of a good thing as a newcomer at first, you get to grips with the user interface very quickly and can simply create amazingly great interactive images.”

Lisa Sommer
Web designer