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The possibilities are limitless to make your pictures interactive and completely according to your ideas.

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All basics

Unlimited Webspace

Webspace without limitation for images, projects and multimedia content. You can save your images to ImageMarker or use your own webspace.

Unlimited picture content

Create as many image content as you like. And if you have a lot of content in your image, you can have it displayed in full screen.

Image Description

Use texts, videos, music, links or thumbnails to optimally describe your picture. Improve & edit your images for impressive results.

Import projects

Import already created images and projects directly into the image editor. Duplicate your projects or work on them.

Level Manager

Always keep track of your image content and markers. In the Layer Manager, you can copy, duplicate, edit, and delete your tags.

Preview function

Edit your projects in live mode. This allows you to test your interactive image directly, make minor corrections and edit more targeted.

Customize design

Determine the position of your image description. Customize the look and style of your website. Choose colors, content, styles and effects.


Use your interactive pictures on your website. The image code is generated automatically and can be inserted easily and without much effort.

Save & load

Put your most unusual ideas to work. No matter where you are. Download, save and edit your image projects worldwide. All you need is internet access.

Image editing

Easily change the aspect ratio in width and height or let it automatically optimize for smartphones and tablets.

Creative design

600 individual icons

Choose from over 600 icons for your project or just use your own. Adjust the color, opacity and effects of your project.


A comfortable user interface with which you can easily place your image content anywhere in your image using drag-and-drop.

Create effects

A wide range of effects help you create outstanding image content. Create your own transitions, effects, colors and contours.

Insert videos

Use movies from your own webspace or embed YouTube video in your pictures to describe them perfectly.

Customize tooltips

Design your own tooltips. Determine the position, size, width, color, transparency, and corner radius of your tooltip.

Create your own shapes

ImageMarker is the only online image editor that lets you draw your own shapes. Use pins, symbols, rectangles, ellipses or the polygon.

Combine effects

Experiment with any number of effects. Create fades, borders, shadows, positions and much more for impressive results.


Design custom button with link to your website, your online store, to the product or directly to the cart.

Zoom tool

Zoom in or out on your image for better and more efficient use.

Insert text in picture

Write texts directly on your image and adjust it in size, color and opacity according to your ideas.

Powerful technology

Worldwide project access

Put your most unusual ideas to work. No matter where you are. Download, save and edit your image projects worldwide. All you need is internet access.

Full image control

Manage pictures or content on your own webspace. Use your own CSS files and customize your pictures individually.

Safe failure protection

Geo-redundant infrastructures guarantee parallel and spatially separate data storage so that your data is always available.


With ImageMarker you can create search engine relevant descriptions to be better found by search engines.

Responsive Design

ImageMarker offers you full support for mobile optimized websites on all smartphones. Your interactive images will look great on any device.

Maximum security

Encrypted transmission with SSL. All data sent to and from your website is protected and thus safe for your visitors and customers.

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