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The possibilities are limitless to design pictures interactively and according to your ideas.

Create your own shapes

ImageMarker is the only online image editor that allows you to draw your own shapes. Use pins, custom symbols, rectangles and ellipses. You also have the option of adapting properties such as opacity, fill color, lines and corner radius to the design of your website. Create your own styles with mouse click effects!

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A comfortable user interface with which you can easily place the image content anywhere in your image using drag-and-drop. The design and the colors can be completely adapted to your website.

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Bring your pictures to life

Create picture markings on your pictures in order to optimally describe the picture content. A large selection of effects supports you in creating outstanding image content. Create transitions, effects, colors and outlines. Use mouse click effects, animations, opacity, fill color, lines and numerous other effects to adapt your images perfectly to the design of your website.

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Easy website integration

Your interactive image code is generated automatically with just one click and can be easily and easily inserted into your website. You can integrate the code module into all HTML-capable websites.

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Optimized for touchscreen & all mobile devices

Your images created with ImageMarker are optimized for the correct handling of touch events. If you have a lot of information in your picture, you can display it as a full screen on your smartphone or tablet.

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